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Change Accountants?


How Do I Change Accountant’s

People sometimes say “I’ve been with my Accountant for 20 years, I really want to change but I’m worried about doing this”

Don’t be! It’s really easy; your new Accountant does all the hard work. This is what happens:

Step 1

You let your “old” Accountant know you are appointing a new one. Your “new” Accountant can even give you a draft letter so all you need do is sign it.

Step 2

“New” Accountant writes to “Old” and asks for Professional Clearance, this is something required by our professional codes of conduct. “Old” will write to “New” and provide them with all the information they need e.g. last set of accounts, copies of tax returns and any other relevant information.

Step 3

“New” will need to formally “identify” you as required by law. You will probably need to let them take a copy of your passport and a utility bill.

Step 4

“New” will ask you to sign an Engagement Letter with them outlining their and your responsibilities, terms & conditions and the services to be provided.

Step 5

“New” will ask you to sign what’s called a 64-8 form, or they might do it online, this will then set “New” up as your registered Tax Agent with HMRC.

That’s it! As you can see there is very little for you to do. Your new Accountant handles the whole process, most of it without you barely knowing about it. No fuss, no hassle, no awkwardness.

So if you want to change, don’t be worried and if you’d like a chat about it with us we’d be very happy to discuss it with you. We won’t charge you for the time spent on the steps above if you decide to join us, so there is no additional cost caused by changing.

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