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Archive of: 2023

  • Savings and Dividend Allowances

    Finance Bill 2016 brought in a number of changes which affect tax year 2016/17 commencing 6 April 2016 which will affect savers.

  • Rent a Room in your own home

    If you are thinking of letting part of your home you could earn up to £7,500 tax free...

  • Trivial Benefits Exemption

    Are you an Owner Managed Company - you could receive trivial benefits from your company worth £300 a year tax free and also give to staff...

  • Marriage Allowance

    Are you one of an estimated 3.6 million couples missing out on this allowance? Only 10% of those eligible are thought to have claimed it. So don’t miss out! You could save £220 a year!

  • Tax Exempt Benefits for Employees

    An overview of some of the more common benefits that can be provided tax free to your Directors/employees particularly relevant to small owner managed Limited Companies

  • Summer 2023 Newsletter

    Our Summer Newsletter includes useful information on current tax matters